Johns Creek GA Stretch Therapies Talks Flexibility From A Neurological View

By Donna Beley

Flexibility is an important physical attribute that can make you feel healthier and more athletic while preventing pain and injuries. If you feel like your muscles are tense or tight, you might try loosening them up with stretching. Even though this kind of tightness, also known as mechanical tightness, is actually quite common, there are many other forms of this issue to consider.

One other common type of tightness is neurological tightness. If you are struggling to loosen your body and muscles, you should meet with a stretch practitioner to better understand whether your lack of flexibility is neurological.

What You Should Know About Neurological Tightness

Mechanical tightness is caused when the muscle has contracted and needs to be extended. This frequently occurs after exercising or if a muscle is overworked. Going through a normal stretching routine will help to alleviate the tightness.

Conversely, neurological tightness happens when muscles have been overstretched. The brain sends signals that cause the muscle to contract when overstretching is suspected. You can receive a thorough exam from a stretch practitioner to find out what kind of tightness you're dealing with.

The Different Types Of Care

While a mechanical tightness diagnosis will be treated with massage therapy and other stretching techniques, a neurological tightness will require an entirely different type of plan. With these types of tightness, the practitioner will need to carefully provide you with a full examination to determine the exact source of the tightness. These types of tightness are typically due to nerves being stretched. The stretch practitioner will then be able to provide you with a variety of therapies to help massage your nerves and relieve the pain and discomfort.

Ongoing Help And Support

Even though the nerve care can provide improvements, you will still receive continuing support from your stretch practitioner. This will usually involve an extended period of therapy. You will additionally be given tips to ensure that the problem does not recur.

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