To Study Gastric Bypass Surgery Orange County New York Is The Best Location To Visit

By Carol Green

Gastric bypass surgery is a form of surgery that is mostly used to treat obesity. Obesity has become a serious issue in the society today. It has become a chronic disease that has affected the health of millions and millions of people across the world. One is said to be obese if their body fat is high compared to the lean body mass. To find specialists in gastric bypass surgery orange county New York should be given priority.

High intake of foods containing calorie contents results to obesity. This will in time exceed the energy requirements of the human body. Obesity can be compared to smoking since there are so many preventable death situations caused by obesity. Worldwide, obesity is said to be the second leading cause of preventable death situation. Obesity is not only caused by taking foods rich in caloric contents but also lack of exercise. Genes of obesity can also be inherited from the parents.

Stress and living in environments that encourage an individual taking food rich in starch are the physiological factors that can cause obesity. The type of occupation is an example of these factors. Workaholics usually find little time to make healthy meals. They prefer taking fast. High contents of calories are found in such preferred fast foods.

It also affects those people who do a lot of office work and do not have to move around so much. Obesity is very dangerous as it can result in chronic illnesses such as diabetes, joint problems, high blood pressure and heart defects. It results in psychological negativity. Obese people start having low self-esteem due to their body weight and shape.

Research also indicates that people with obesity die prematurely compared to normal weight people. Obesity affects an individual body weight and shape. They get tired quickly that doing their normal daily tasks becomes harder. This may result to the failure of maintaining their personal hygiene due to their shortness of breath. They will tend to shun themselves away from people due to fear of discrimination.

Obesity can be prevented by regular exercising and consuming healthy foods. Though in other cases one may prefer to use a surgical procedure. The gastric bypass surgery works on the principle of reducing and controlling the quantity of food the stomach can hold. In this case it prevents one from overeating thus enabling the stomach to easily digest the food and transfer it to the colons for absorption of nutrients.

In the operation there is creation of a new stomach pouch. The upper side of the stomach is fastened to form the pouch. This entails the cutting of the colons to form two pieces which are attached to the stomach at different places. The first piece is placed at the entrance of the stomach while the other at the distal.

This allows passage of food into the stomach and intestines concurrently. Thus the food is divided hence reduced potions. The one at the intestines is passed off as waste while the one in the stomach gets digested and absorbed by the body for use. This enables quick weight loss though the surgery involves serious risks such as hair loos and malnourishment.

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