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By Eric Murphy

Actually, a tendon is a flexible, fibrous and tough tissue that is responsible for connecting bones and muscles. If these body structures get irritated, microscopic tears or inflamed, this condition is referred to as tendinitis or tendonitis. These structures are very small and may resemble tiny bands that occur on the hands as well as rope-like structures in thigh muscles. In case you have developed a tendon problem, visiting a tendonitis doctor is very important.

Research is still ongoing in order to give the causative agent of this condition. This is because the actual cause of the problem has never been clearly pinpointed. On the other hand, two main aspects are believed to be the major causes of the problem in case the problem has a proximate cause. These conditions are overuse and overloads. Overuse will occur after a repetitive movement is done while overload is where the organs are subjected to increased speed when weightlifting.

In rare cases, this condition may be caused by infections such as gonorrhea. In addition, this condition is common in the knee, elbow, shoulders, heel, and the wrist. However, the problem may arise anywhere in the body, where there are tendons. On the other hand, this condition is also popular in diabetics but the reasons for that are unknown. Basically, tendinitis is an irritation or an inflammation of the tendons. The problem may arise due to many activities such as gardening, raking, scrubbing and carpentry among other activities that are performed repetitively.

There are, however, various risk factors that increase the risk of tendinitis. One such risk factor is incorrect posture while working or stretching poorly. Also, playing sports can increase the risk of this condition. Again, a poorly or abnormally placed joint or bone that cause straining of the soft tissues increases the risk of tendinitis. Other risk factors are such as stresses arising from other conditions that may include gout, thyroid disorders, psoriatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, as well as unusual reactions to medication.

Typically, anyone can get affected by tendinitis. However, it is majorly familiar in adults particularly the people above forty years of age. It is a result of the aging of tendons and thus, their ability to hold more stress reduces. Also, they can easily tear when they become less elastic. These problems can occur in any part where the tendon connects the bones and the muscles, but they are ubiquitous in the hip, thumb base, Achilles tendons as well as the knee.

These conditions can occur on any part that is surrounded by tendons but Achilles, elbow, knee, thumb base and hip areas are the most affected. There are certain symptoms that appear when you are suffering from this condition. One of the symptoms is the gradual pain buildup which at times become severe more so if calcium deposits occur.

Frozen shoulder is another symptom used to indicate the presence of this condition. On the other hand, one can avoid the condition for occurring to him. First, physical activities should be done in a gradual manner. That is start slowly and then make gradual speed progress. It is also important to avoid repetitive activities.

When doctors are administering treatments, they only deal with inflammations reduction and pain relieving activities. However, you may be advised to have joint rests or have cold and hot treatment therapies. You can also use pain relievers or affected joints splinting. Surgery is also used though rarely or in case the condition fails to respond to the other treatment methods.

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