Discover How To Lose Weight And Keep It Off With Laguna Hills CA Chiropractor

By Bob Albert Lewis

Obesity is a rising problem in the United States. If someone has the determination, with help weight loss can be achieved and maintained. Professional help leads to losing the extra weight and learning new dietary habits. Professional care and counseling is available with a prominent Laguna Hills Chiropractor who understands how difficult it is and will provide skilled support.

The overweight person may lack self-control and confidence. Those are traits that can be overcome. The first step, after making a weight loss commitment, is to meet with the chiropractor to decide on the best way to approach such a major change.

No physical crutches will be relied on. There will be no diet pills of any kind. If you are eligible for gastric bypass surgery, you will not use that method. With chiropractic intervention you will learn new ways to use nutritional information and rely on professional counseling. Your chiropractor will offer encouragement.

The first office visit is spent discussing your weight. For example, explain how long you have been overweight and how it limits your enjoyment of life. You will plan what to eat instead of your current diet. Anything that may be preventing you from successful weight reduction is explored. A physical abnormality that may figure in to your inability to do so will be investigated.

You are unlikely to be aware that something called a subluxation may be affecting your eating behavior. A subluxation is a misalignment of one or more spinal vertebrae. When they are out of place the nerve roots that are located at the spinal cord, are impacted.

A subluxation occurs when one or more of the spinal vertebrae are out of place. That causes pressure against the nerve roots located on the spinal cord. Those nerves are responsible for controlling all activity in the body, including feelings of hunger and cravings. Spinal adjustments may return the vertebrae to the correct position and the nerves can transmit signals correctly.

This realignment will not solve the entire problem of overeating. It will definitely take care of one part of it though. Your spinal adjustments and nutritional counseling can take place during the same appointment. Each appointment will provide the physical and emotional help that will facilitate the weight loss you plan to accomplish.

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